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Central Heating

Below is a breif guide to some of the options available if you are considering having central heating installed. We install at a very competitive price and pride ourselves on doing a proffesional job, whatever you reqquirements

Conventional boiler
This type of heating system is the most common, comprising of a cold water storage tank, a hot water storage cylinder and a separate boiler.

The advantages of this system are:

Hot water to several taps at the same time all giving a good flow

Larger volume of water, which means a bath will fill quickly

The disadvantages of this system are:

If you require a powerful shower, a mechanical pump will be required to increase the shower pressure.

Greater Risk of freezing pipes in the loft area

It is best suitable for larger homes with more than 1 bathroom where capacity may be important.

When fitted with fast recovery/high efficiency hot water cylinders this type of system will be almost as efficient as a combination boiler but will serve several taps at a time.

Combination boiler
Combination boilers combine most of the separate parts of a conventional system i.e. boiler, cylinder, pump, control valves and thermostats into one unit (The Combi).

The advantages of this system are:

No stored water

Instant hot water whenever you need it
The most economical type of boiler, you only heat the water that you use

The disadvantages of this system are:

The biggest disadvantage of a combination boiler is that it can only realistically run one tap at a time, this means if someone is in the shower and someone else turns on a tap in the kitchen the shower water pressure will drop

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